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Level 2:


Consultation, Planning

Marine Coordination


Are you looking to film in a remote or extreme aquatic environment?
Hydrus Media can help you with all aspects of production.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

For those who need some guidance and assistance in implementing an effective in-field production plan.


Hydrus Media personnel will be involved in the planning and execution of all marine coordination to make sure your project is 

conducted in a safe and efficient manner while staying within budget out in the field.

  • Organizing travel itineraries for all production personnel

  • Scheduling the transfer of all production equipment to locations

  • Organizing the accommodations for all production personnel

  • Providing all modes of transportation for production 

  • Comprehensive aquatic safety management 

  • Aquatic filming personnel 

  • Scuba training personnel 

  • Marine coordination

  • Extreme environment filming personnel

Intended for those with no experience in remote/extreme field production and planning. 

We sit down with you to discuss your vision, then plan and execute all aspects of in-field production, including:

Level 3:


Complete Field Production

Click Image To View Filmography

This is the first step in determining the feasability of completing your project.


What are possible locations, overall logistics, time frame and most importantly, the cost associated with capturing the right images.

Level 1:


Office Consultation, Budgeting

Cost Projection

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