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Level 3:


For chosen artists, full support and management, touring, radio campaigns

and licensing.

  • All Level 1 and 2 services

  • Media/Live tour booking

  • Radio advertising

  • Radio promotion/distribution

  • Sponsorship/Endorsement application

  • Financial investing

  • Merch design, purchasing and online sales

  • Music video production

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Music Services

Past Project-Chase

Past Project-VMP

Level 2:


For experienced artists looking for management and marketing tools.

  • ​All Level 1 services

  • Local/Regional booking

  • Website design

  • Social marketing

  • Branding

  • Management

  • Publicity

Level 1:


For beginning artists looking for advice

and future developement consideration.

  • Licensing with Hydrus Media

  • Career consulting

  • Use of Hydrus Media label name


Hydrus Media offers artist development opportunities in three stages with the following services:
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