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Watch the promo video of our TV series for Discovery Communications

called Catchin' Air.

See the story of what it takes to push the limits of kiteboarding and pioneer new riding locations as you follow our pro riders to unique and exotic locations.  Join our team, led by kiteboard instructors and professional riders, Andy Hurdman and Sean Reyngoudt, as they take you inside the kiteboarding culture on groundbreaking adventures. Travel to new locations and meet local riders as the team documents the behind the scenes story showing the humor of friends, drama of injuries, amazing scenery, local wildlife, beautiful women, and insane riding. When the wind doesn’t cooperate, watch as the team explores other activities such as wakeboarding, surfing, free diving, and other activites unique to the location. 


Hydrus Media produced the groundbreaking series Catchin' Air on the Discovery HD channel in 2011
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