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Hydrus was established in 1998 as a result of a void in the aquatic services provided to the entertainment industry in Oregon. From capturing underwater images, supplying aquatic specialists for feature films, underwater salvage, to our own in-house productions, the beginning of Hydrus was built on a foundation that revolved around the aquatic world.


Starting in 1999, key members of Hydrus dove into a unique project that would ultimately change the direction of the company forever. In 2001, while between different aquatic projects, Hydrus made history by being the first to successfully attract and scuba dive with massive and elusive feeding Six Gill sharks in shallow waters off of Seattle, WA. Over an eight year period, Hydrus created a one-of-a-kind program to attract Six Gill sharks and document new animal behavior never before seen by science. This attracted the interest of Discovery Communications and others, which led to a working relationship in the television industry.


Once Hydrus was contracted to produce their first series for Discovery Channel, the opportunity arose to diversify into the music side of the entertainment industry. As with every new adventure, the full brunt of Hydrus was put behind this new endeavor creating a foundation that allows both the Production Division and Music Division to work seamlessly together.


As Hydrus has diversified over the past 15 years into all aspects of the entertainment industry, the essence of Hydrus will always be connected to those days spending time in the cold, murky waters off Seattle, WA making history and proving to the world that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible.


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